(Magistrates’ Court)

Mr T. J. Lander deals with all our road traffic work.  He has some 40+ year experience in these cases.  The Magistrates Court hears a wide variety of cases including:- speeding, unsafe and defective vehicles, driving without insurance or DVLA licence, driving without due care and attention, failure to stop or report an accident, drink drive and drugs cases.  Penalties, include fines, disqualification and (in certain circumstances) imprisonment.

It is important to seek legal advice as early as possible – do not leave it too late.  Prosecution risks your job, your family life and your finances.

Our work will include:-

The Firm’s charges are based on Treve Lander’s hourly time costing rate of £225 plus VAT.  We offer a 30 minute initial free interview, with hourly rates applying after this time.  Where possible, we will endeavour to give further detailed information as to the likely level of fees at the initial interview.  As noted above, there are many variables in the type of work, therefore it is difficult to provide an average fee.

Our fees on a guilty plea are likely to be in the region of £300-£650 plus VAT at 20% depending on time spent and complexity of the case – see above

If a ‘not guilty’ plea is entered with a contested hearing to follow, our fees are likely to be in the range of £750-£1200 plus VAT at 20% but the fee will include taking witness statements and seeking specialist/expert advice ie medical, and other experts.  The expert’s fees vary and will be in addition. We will always seek your approval to the cost of specialist/expert advice but fees are regularly £300 to £1200 and may incur VAT at 20% depending on the status of the expert.  Disbursements are few but we will charge a mileage allowance for hearings outside Mansfield (54p per mile including VAT).  Non-expert own witness expenses cannot be estimated but may be payable and will be agreed with you in advance.  They may include mileage and time off work.

Advice on appeals is not included and will be separately provided along with likely costing – approval will be sought from you in advance.

Timescales cannot be given – the Courts are under great pressure at present and cases may well take between 2 months and 4 months.  Not guilty cases much longer (possible 4-8 months).